About us

Outons is not only a brand, it’s the expression of a way of understanding life.
At Outons we move along two fundamental centers of activity.
The creation of our new product.
At Outons we understand that appreciating the knowledge is one of the main thing which make each of us different.
To understand the difference between one well crafted product and another, the difference between a good design, an efficient one and one that achieves its goal, and another, the difference between noble materials or technological ones and the others, the difference between the manufacturing of products in short sets, sometimes craftmade, and the other ways.
To feel comfortable in every one’s vital space is the new luxury and at Outons we understand that it’s all about enjoying the objects surrounding us and that we use, to feel that they’re really ours, even as an extent of our…
The products created at Outons are made to be seen, touched, felt and enjoyed. We try to stay far from massive production, brief trends and from the interpretation by others of what our taste should be.
At Outons we want people who buy our designs to feel comfortable and satisfied with their choice, with the result that they feel our design as an extension of their personality.
We look for and reinvidicate the taste for well crafted products, the pleasure in our designing and the challenge of developping new products.
We like to play with shapes, we mix colors, we write images with new materials and

    we design the classics once again, looking for the commodity of use and the sensorial pleasure found by someone who buy and use our products.